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Our vision is for Dusky Sound to be one of the most intact ecosystems on Earth, and New Zealand's largest 'bio bank' – a source of endangered native species that can be sent to pest free locations throughout the country.

Making that happen will take a whole community and a little thinking outside the box.

The fact that you're looking at this must mean that you're thinking about volunteering onboard. So thank you for helping us look after this special piece of paradise.


Volunteer types

With as many projects as we run there are just as many ways to give. Volunteering is an essential part and we're grateful for every single wonderful human who has been and is giving with us.

Below are the three main ways you can currently volunteer with us.




... and we're always open to anything inbetween. So read on, register and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions at all!




Pure volunteers

PURE volunteers stay onboard Flightless to assist with landbased conservation work on our Tamatea adventures.

- You pay for and arrange your way to Te Anau.

- We'll have a spot for you onboard free of charge to help us do the physical work on the ground.

- Paying clients onboard commit to a day of conservation work to then explore Fiordland while we and the volunteers complete the work.

Generally PURE volunteers are ex clients, good friends and wonderful humans connected to us in other ways. However do put your name forward as our efforts increase so does the need for great volunteers.





Make A Difference (MAD) volunteers join us whilst paying their way to cover helicopter, fuel and food costs.

stay onboard Flightless to assist with ocean based conservation work around our TamateaBLUE project.

- You pay for and arrange your own way to Te Anau.

- You pay around $2000 to help towards helicopter costs.

- Everyone onboard volunteers in water and on deck for underwater cleanups, biosecurity and sustainable fishery efforts.

Generally we have six spots available for MAD volunteers onboard with the remaining crew being PURE volunteers.






HARD CORE volunteers spend six nights, seven days on a solo mission on Mauikatau/Resolution island. This is not supported by Flightless but instead fly in and out by helicopter with volunteers staying in bivs while on the island.

If that level of adventure sounds like you please follow the link below for a full rundown...

Find out more

We have so far only had paying clients volunteering one day out of their adventure through our Tamatea Adventures as well as returning clients and a wonderful network of beautiful people who have been in love with Fiordland for a while.. so for you to join our 'make a difference' volunteer pool as a paying volunteer you'll be joining a bunch of passionate individuals all giving for giving sakes.

There'll be long days, good food, great stories, plenty of learning and satisfaction along the way but also dishes to do and the vacuuming to be kept under control. Essentially it's like a batch on the water with everybody pitching in where needed. So all we expect is for you to join whole heartedly.. not just to experience the place but to give back with all you got.

What does Pure Salt expect?

We will need you to fill in our volunteer registration form below to join our volunteer pool. From there you'll receive updates with upcoming opportunities. If any particular date is of interest please call or email us directly.

Once you're offered a spot that works for you a $500 non refundable deposit will secure it with the remainder due two months prior to departure.

Asides from a little paperwork the only other thing for you to do is to get yourself to Te Anau airport and will take care of everything from there.

How does it work?

What can I expect?

Can I do it?

If you are reasonably mobile, have a good level of fitness and are not afraid of putting in a hard days work on the hill, helping sort rubbish on the backdeck or spend a day in the water.. you can do it.  No one works alone and newbies will be buddied up with 'already salted volunteers'. If you got any questions at all feel free to give us a call any time.

Become a part of the picture

volunteer registration

Hard work, passionate people and lots of smiles!

Home base for your volunteer adventure will be M.V Flightless.

She is a 27m ex Navy expedition vessel with international survey, extensive safety equipment due to offshore work, 3 crew, water maker, diesel stove, air-conditioning, three bathrooms, second saloon in the wheelhouse and a huge heatable back deck which is also partially under cover.

Everything asides from alcohol is included... catering, bedding and towels. Generally, you will be supplied with everything you need to undertake the volunteering activities, but sometimes we might ask if you have your own personal gear – GPS, First Aid Kit etc. You'll also need sturdy footwear and wet weather gear.

Your financial contribution will also cover your transport in and out of Fiordland from Te Anau which is usually by helicopter and you'll be part of tangible conservation work, helping to restore Tamatea Dusky Sound.

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Would like to play a different part?




Book onto one of our Conservation Adventures -  your fare will go towards the project and you'll have the chance to be part of monitoring, maintenance, installation or relocations as part of the adventure.

Make a donation via the New Zealand National Parks Conservation Foundation to pay for traps and equipment. The foundation as well as ourselves will keep you in the picture about where the funds are going.

Purchase a single trap or one of the traplines directly through our store to push the project further. We'll let you know where and when it is set and how it is doing on the way to relocations.



Book on

Or book a charter and contribute a little time whilst onboard...