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I'm passionate about the Fiordland region and spent a lot of time working in various remote locations within Fiordland. When I'm not at 'work' you may find me on the hills looking for dinner or in the water doing the same. One thing I enjoy best is whipping up some tasty treats in the kitchen using freshly caught ingredients as I have done a few years of cooking in my past. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you and showing you what Fiordland has to offer.


I love Fiordland and all it has to offer. I've spent a number of years working in the area within hospitality, marketing, conservation, tourism as well as running my own business. Te Anau has been home for over 20 years now and look forward to helping you organise your Fiordland adventure.  You might talk to me in your emails, on facebook, by phone or meet me in person as you get onto your helicopter on the way to your adventure.



I simply love Fiordland and working in an environment where you never know what is going to happen for the day. I'm a trained chef; born and bred in Christchurch with a love for travel but there is nothing like coming home... and there are no words for being able to cook what you want and work with such fresh ingredients all the time whilst getting to know the people you create meals for.  Asides from compulsive baking you'll also find me running the tender and machinery, diving and freediving as well as taking you for walks through the National Park.. I already look forward to meeting you.



Born in Southland a passion for the outdoors is without question. So naturally hunting, diving and fishing has always been part of my life. Being able to do that at 'work', showing kiwis their backyard and being part of the adventure is what gets me buzzing. Onboard you'll find me as deckhand and aspiring chef whilst my mechanical past life also keeps me busy on the maintenance front. I can't wait to share this paradise with you.


Our lives revolve around the water and a thirst to continually learn, be challenged as well as personally grow. This naturally results in an interesting mix of qualifications and experiences. We hold national as well as STCW offshore Maritime qualifications, allowing us to operate a wide range of vessels on the surface of the water. Beneath the water we indulge in recreational diving as PADI professionals as much as commercial dive work under ADAS.

We simply love what we do and the people we get to share memories with.

Our extensive history navigating around Fiordland as well as Fouveaux Strait has allowed us to gain a wealth of knowledge about the southern and northern Fiords as well as our wild coast. As we venture through these remote places the safety of the vessel and all persons on board is our priority. Which is why we are working within a team where we all have the same ethos and a sound understanding of our surroundings. So thanks to our awareness, qualifications and training we’ll make sure you’ll experience your trip of a lifetime.. fishing, diving, kayaking, photography, history, hunting, scenery, geology and enjoying good times that leave great memories.

Running a charter vessel in paradise and sharing it with beautiful people is a privilege for us.

Seán &  Maria


Nothing makes me truly happier than the combination of adventure and nature, so I can't believe my luck being able to work in remote Fiordland.

I'm a trained chef with three year of experience in high end kitchens in both NZ and overseas. The freshness and quality of the seafood that we get to work with on board Flightless is second to none and I can't wait to share my creations with you. As the newest member of the Pure Salt family I'm also embracing the variety of skills that come with working on a boat with a small team. Oh, and I find most things funny and will get in the water at any opportunity.



  • Hot tub on the top deck to warm up after long snorkeling, hunting and kayaking missions.
  • Water maker to say goodbye to restrictions.
  • Washing machine and dryer so you don’t have to bring your whole wardrobe.
  • Plenty of storage space for your gear.
  • Large drinks chiller and ice machine.
  • Ventilation system through the entire vessel.

A little extra...

The Layout

On the lower deck is the engine room, storage lockers and of course accommodation. Our consent allows for 12 passengers but she actually sleeps a lot more. There is one bunk room for 6 with bathroom attached, a twin cabin with ensuite and three twin cabins as well as a quad cabin with a shared bathroom. So there are plenty of beds and configurations to choose from or play paper, scissors rock over.

On the main deck you’ll have the galley and saloon. The huge covered back deck has lots of space, shelter from the elements and even heating. There are also tables and seating; our Hiab and a large dive platform with ladder for easy access to the water.

The top deck holds the wheel house and separate seating area as well as another viewing deck as well as a hot tub to warm up after long snorkelling, hunting and kayaking missions .. or simply to better enjoy your wines.


She is 26m in length and holds an international survey. This means she is not only perfect for Fiordland but also good to go anywhere in the world.

Loads of space and toys

  • 12 passengers
  • 17 beds to choose from
  • 3 bathrooms and fantastic showers
  • Variety of spaces - On the main deck you’ll find the galley, saloon and a huge covered back deck to play on whilst the top deck holds the wheelhouse and a separate seating area as well as a viewing deck.
  • Fishing rods and tackle, kayaks, 4m RIB tender, dive compressor, cylinders and weight belts, BCDs, paddle boards, and free diving gear is on board for you to use.

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