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Bringing the Tamatea vision into classrooms


Kaitiakitanga/Guardianship (2023)


Putting the eco into Ecosystems (2020)



Virtual Fieldtrips into Tamatea Dusky Sound, in line with NZ curriculum and part funded by the Ministry of Education

We are excited to work with LEARNZ and Department of Conservation to bring the Tamatea Dusky Sound Restoration Project into New Zealand classrooms to inspire kids to look after what they call home.

Our vision is for Tamatea/Dusky Sound to be one of the most intact ecosystems on Earth, and New Zealand's largest ‘bio bank’ – a source of endangered native species that can be sent to pest free locations throughout the country.

It's a big vision and it will need the next generation to be just as passionate about it as we are.. So talk to your teacher and get it into your classroom!


Your adventure in the deep south will connect you with the Tamatea vision and give you ideas on how you might work to restore an ecosystem near your place.

bringing the TAMATEA vision into classrooms

Join the 2020

virtual   fieldtrip

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The Virtual fieldtrip 2023 will go

live in seaweek MARCH 2024


Expedition Fiordland LIVE

Kaitiakitanga / Guardianship

11th - 16th of October 2023

Two lucky kids join us onboard Flightless with their guardian on our adventure through Tamatea / Dusky Sound while we investigate the facets of Kaitiakitanga / Guardianship within this special ecosystem.

The  winners were chosen by panel decision between the LEARNZ team and Pure Salt.  


As every one of them is now part of the Tamatea vision GoodNature has agreed to sponsor one A24 GoodNature trap for Long Island in Tamatea Dusky Sound for every entry made. So every child contributed not just passion, time and care but a trap on the ground as part of a LEARNZ trap line helping us towards the overall vision! Thank you, keep up the wonderful spirit and we hope to see you as part of the virtual field trip!

Have a look at INSTAGRAM #conservationheroes2020 to see all the wonderful entries from the last fieldtrip


Thank you to everyone for your wonderful passion and for not just caring about but wanting to make a difference in your backyard. Simply by entering the competition you've made a difference to Tamatea Dusky Sound as GoodNature agreed to sponsor one A24 for Long Island for every entry. THANK YOU!


Congratulations Aaliyah and Yeshaya!!! We loved having you onboard with us!




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The theme is Kaitiakitanga/Guardianship looking at predator control, new technologies, biosecurity, citizen science, sustainable fishery, full utilisation, underwater cleanups, marine reserves as well as invasive species such as Undaria and the multitude of ways we can all play our part in this BIG PICTURE.

What is is about

Virtual fieldtrip will go

live in seaweek MARCH 2024

Kids will get to learn about the wild and remote Fiordland coast, a place so geographically isolated, it is one of the least modified parts of mainland New Zealand. That place is Tamatea / Dusky Sound. It has a long and fascinating history: long ago Māori hunted and fished in the area and Captain Cook landed there in 1773; New Zealand's first conservation reserve was set up here in the late 18th century by our first conservation ranger, Richard Henry.

Not far from where you live will be a natural ecosystem. Is it a forest ecosystem, a grassland ecosystem or a marine ecosystem? You are also part of a human ecosystem: is yours a rural or urban ecosystem? Every ecosystem has living parts like plants and animals and nonliving parts such as weather, earth, water, sun, soil, climate and atmosphere.

On this field trip you will join a group working hard to help turn Tamatea / Dusky Sound into one of the most intact ecosystems on Earth. At the same time, you will help create a 'bio bank', a source of endangered native species that can be sent to pest free locations throughout New Zealand. Your adventure in the deep south will give you ideas on how you might work to restore an ecosystem near your place.

Expedition Fiordland - 2020

Join our

virtual fieldtrip


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Putting the ECO into ecosystem