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Packing help

M.V. Flightless is a 27m ex Navy expedition vessel with international survey, extensive safety equipment, minimum of 3 crew, two tenders, fresh water-makers, ice maker, laundry facilities, ventilation & heating throughout, five bathrooms, second saloon in the wheelhouse, full walk around deck, heli-pad, easy access to the water and a huge heatable back deck which is also partially under cover. The rooms are all ensuite and are equipped with USB charging.

We can cater for up to 12 clients and everything asides from alcohol is included... catering, bedding and towels, fishing rods and tackle, yoga mats, soda stream machine, an extensive library, dive cylinders, BCDs and weights, fins, masks, snorkels, catch bags, knives as well as 2 piece 7mm wetsuits, spearfishing floats and 20m float lines, kayaks, bean bags, paddle boards and of course a hot tub on the top deck.

So all there is to bring along is yourselves, a little luggage, a sense of adventure and of course any special treats you’d like to indulge in whilst onboard.

There is no schedule to follow or specific destination set as every adventure for us is as unique as the people onboard whilst we simply follow the rhythm of sun and tides.

Clothes for four seasons regardless of time of year

(not the whole wardrobe as we do have a washing machine/dryer)

Comfortable lounging gear

(i.e. slippers or thick socks to go with whatever you like to relax in as we have a no shoes inside policy.. it's home..)

Good footwear

(ideally waterproof hiking boots for shore missions and something to easily slip in and out of whilst onboard.. Gumboots are great but avoid Redbands as they have no grip... or simply commit to barefoot)


(you are heading into a temperate rainforest and getting wet is just part of the deal..)

Camera, charger and spare memory card

(you'll appreciate a backup)


(we do supply body wash and shampoo and a hairdryer)

Swimming costumes, togs, boardshorts..

(needed for all four seasons thanks to the hot tub on the top deck)


(essential for any adventure and life in general)

Any other toys you want to play with

(Spear gun, drone, rifle, underwater camera, sketch book, bow..)

Anything else that generally makes you happy in life

(Special chocolate, your own music, wine, a good book, your partner or a good mate…)

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any special requirements and questions or simply want to chat about your adventure or have a look at our FAQ page..

When flying in or out there is a weight limit of 120kg per person INCLUDING luggage, (averaged across the group).

All beer brought onboard must be in cans due to weight and storage reasons but we're happy to make an exception for wine and spirits.. those can be in glass bottles.

(So there is no need or space for the kitchen sink but we can easily add a gear chopper which split between even 10 is only $180 extra per person.. so no need to come naked either...)

Helicopter considerations.. and a few notes..  

a little packing help

Pack light and into soft bags rather than hard cases for efficient loading.

If you're looking at PACKING already your adventure can't be far away so we're looking forward to having you onboard with us soon...

In most cases we will land on the Flightless helipad, however a beach landing could occur, so either go for waterproof footwear, commit to wet shoes or simply surrender to bare feet.. nothing like arriving in the place properly!

There'll likely be other people coming out as you're flying in so to keep luggage seperate please follow crew instructions to avoid your bag heading for a return journey.

During heli-transfers, carry any medication on your person as there is potential to get separated from your luggage (this has only happened on a couple of occasions but in both cases resulted in an extra helicopter charge).

PLEASE inform us of any medical conditions as well as dietary requirements no matter how big or small prior to joining us onboard as we can't adjust for anything once you're onboard.


Download: A little packing help (PDF).pdf